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UST Engineering Dance Troupe

Officers and Members


The UST-ESC Engineering Dance Troupe started on the month of July in 1995. It was formed due to so much stress and pressured life in engineering. The founder, Ms. Rowena Obillio came up with this idea so that the students of engineering, will not be only good in academics but also they will be good in aesthetic & socio cultural activities and by teaching the students how to manage time. As of now, it’s the group’s 10th year anniversary. Recognition of the group was awarded November 21, 2005 and now called The UST Engineering Dance Troupe. In 10 years,the group still manage to recruit students who loves studying & at the same time who loves DANCING. The camaradarie in the group grows. The training is becoming more mature now than before. The UST Engineering Dance Troupe members are now a full pledge Thomasian Dancing Engineers!